2nd Lt. Peter Bonano (Pete) is awestruck by what lay before him. It was Thursday afternoon, May 24, 1945- sixteen days after Germany surrendered. A fortune in gold and silver (bullion and coins), along with a huge stockpile of currencies from several nations (including US currencies) was arranged on the polished floors of a heavily guarded large gymnasium inside an isolated log building in the vicinity of Bad Tölz, Germany. He had been transported to this place from Erlangen, Germany by two 3rd Army OSS (Office of Strategic Services) officers from General Patton’s headquarters in Regensburg.   [Published: May 2014, copyright 2014]
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About Joseph Sprouse

Joseph Arnold Sprouse was born in the not-so-great depression near Atlanta, Georgia during the reign of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. As a child, his family at large (forever galvanized by the Civil War and FDR’s New Deal) nourished him on real life stories about the Civil War and the sainthood of FDR. For many youthful years, he believed that the Yankee General Tecumseh Sherman had recently torched Atlanta, and that FDR was the greatest president since Washington... only to discover much later, that neither are worthy of the praise bestowed upon them. After a tour of duty with the United States Marine Corps, he attended the University of Florida where he received a B.S. in Physics in 1960 and a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1961. Read More

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On May 3, 1945, the third day after Hitler’s suicide, and ten days after arriving in Erlangen, Patton uprooted his forward echelon from a former German Artillery Kaserne in Erlangen...
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