This narrative is fashioned from a true story rooted in an assignment that 2nd Lt. Peter Robert Bonano (3rd Army Finance Division) received two weeks after the end of the war in Europe. Peter Bonano, cordially known as ‘Pete’, including his friend General Patton, was stationed at a former Nazi Artillery base in Erlangen, Germany when, on May 23, 1945 two OSS (Office of Strategic Services) officers hand-delivered a special order from General Patton to Lt. Bonano. On this day, General Patton also departed his last war time command post in Regensburg for his new post in the southern Bavarian quaint city of Bad Toelz.
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About Joseph Sprouse

Joseph Sprouse Joseph Arnold Sprouse was named after two family Civil War veterans. His great-uncle, Joseph Funderburk, served with General Stonewall Jackson in Virginia, and his great-grandfather, Arnold Funderburk, served with General Lee in Virginia. Joseph Sprouse was born in the midst of the Great Depression in Dekalb County, Georgia. As a child, his family at large - all galvanized by the Civil War and FDR’s New Deal- nourished him on real-life family stories about the Civil War and the sainthood of FDR. Read more

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It was mid-afternoon, with patchy white clouds drifting across the blue sky, as 1st Lt. Mogen Moller exited the guarded gates of the Thurn and Taxis Palace grounds- a luxurious palace constructed over 300 years ago in the north central section of Regensburg (or Ratisbon to the French). Read more

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